Flood Restoration Contractors for Houses in Webster, KY

In the South, seasonal rains and storms can generate flooding. However, flood damage can also also come from problems such as faulty pipes and broken appliances. Flood damage goes beyond average water damage, overtaking entire floors or buildings. Fortunately, Paul Davis specialists are well versed in treating this devastating damage. To guarantee your wellbeing and comfort, we offer all-day flood damage restoration to our clients throughout Webster, KY. To sweeten our service, we also assist you with the claims process.

Complete Flood Restoration Services

Once our experts arrive, we conduct a damage evaluation of your property. You’ll get a quote on the progress that must be finished before we start any restoration work. We will present the closest quote because our contractors around Webster, KY have been trained in flood damage remediation.

Draining the Area

Once you consent our estimate, we can start removing flood water from your property. To eliminate all the water we can, the Paul Davis team uses water pumps. Eliminating this excess water lowers the probability of mold growth in the future. By using moisture detectors, we pinpoint remaining water in drywall and in the subfloor.

Airing Out Your Space

Although we remove the standing flood water, the work isn’t over. If the damage is pervasive enough, our team might need to treat the subfloor. We accelerate the ventilation process with air blowers and dehumidifiers. We work carefully throughout the process to prevent more damage from mold or remaining water.

Sterilizing the Affected Area

When a flood hits your home or business, a musty smell can hang around inside. With professional intervention, you can avoid the smell from transferring to fabric surfaces in your home such as draperies and furniture.

Infrastructure Fixes

Floods can harm your home with condensation on the windows, peeling wallpaper, rusty metal and warped doorways. With so much to fix, it might feel overwhelming. The specialists from Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Elizabethtown have a team experienced in remediation techniques required to remove flood damage inside and outside.

Trust Paul Davis for Flood Restoration

Flood damage of any variety can be devastating, but relief is on the way from the professionals with Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Elizabethtown. Our experts go above and beyond to remove property damage on drywall, wiring and more. We understand that dealing with damage can be tough, so we help the claims process. Contact us today to request an evaluation.