Muldraugh, KY Flash Flood Damage Contractors

In KY, heavy thunderstorms can generate flooding. However, flood damage can also also come from issues such as busted pipes and broken appliances. Unlike simple water damage, floods invade entire levels in your home or business. Thankfully, Paul Davis specialists are experienced in treating this type of damage. To guarantee your safety and security, we offer 24/7 flood damage remediation to our clients near Muldraugh, KY. To sweeten our service, we can also assist you with the insurance filing process.

The Removal Process

When our team arrives, we conduct a damage evaluation of your property. We tell you the severity of the damage, a ballpark quote and the amount of time the restoration could take. We can provide the most precise quote because our contractors near Muldraugh, KY have training in flood damage remediation.

Standing Water Removal

We promptly begin eliminating standing flood water from your home after you consent to our cost estimate. To eliminate all the flood we can, the Paul Davis specialists use water pumps. The probability of dangerous mold damage lowers once this clean up process is finished. We find water using specialized moisture detectors inside your drywall.

Cleaning the Air

Your property may not be totally prepared, even when we’ve removed most of water. We may need to take out tiles or carpet to avoid additional damage to the subfloor. We accelerate the drying steps with air movers and dehumidifiers. To avoid hazardous mold growth, our contractors will work carefully.

Sanitizing Your Home

When flooding hits your home, a sour smell can hang around inside. With help from specialists, you can prevent this odor from transferring to any fabrics affected by the flood such as curtains and sofas.

Remodeling and Restoration

Whether flooding was caused by manmade or natural causes, the damage they leave can hurt your home or business with water stains, peeling paint and rusty metal. With so much to fix, it might feel overwhelming. The professionals from Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Elizabethtown are trained in remediation methods necessary to remove flood damage indoors and outside.

Why Call Paul?

Flood damage of any variety can be frustrating, but help is available from the specialists with Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Elizabethtown. With so many years of excellence, we are the leader for a number of damage removal methods. We also assist with the insurance claims process to improve your recovery experience. Talk to us today to reserve an assessment.