Storm Damage Experts in Glendale, KY

The Southeast and KY are famous for crazy storms. Hurricanes, funnel clouds and ice, weather damage show up in several various ways. If your property takes on significant damage from bad weather, it can be tricky to know how to proceed. Paul Davis Restoration Services strive to help you rebuild storm damage around your property when serious storms strike.

Storm Damage Remediation Quote

Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Elizabethtown specialists are knowledgeable in helping others through the confusing moments after storms strike throughout Glendale. Our contractors are prepared to deliver affordable and precise quotes for damage caused by all types of storms. Our estimates include the timeline and money you can anticipate to reverse the storm damage. Whether it’s repairs for your roof or recovering from wind damage, you can count on Paul Davis Restoration. Insured, bonded and licensed, our contractors are qualified to take care of anything. Additionally, we collaborate with you during the insurance claims process, to ensure you receive the protection you need.

Our Restoration Services

Maintenance for Roofs

During storms with high winds, torrential rain or dangerous debris, your roof might deal with significant damage through a storm. The roofers with Paul Davis in Glendale are readily available to replace shingles or entire roofs. We act quickly and efficiently to make your roof good as new.

Damage from Wind

Strong winds from storms like funnel clouds can be a force to take seriously. Wind can result in damage of different kinds, from tearing siding to littering debris around your yard.

Circuit Rewiring

Everyone uses electricity to keep warm, make food and stay entertained. Unfortunately, your wiring is vulnerable to heavy wind, flooding and debris. The Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Elizabethtown staff of specialists is ready for complex or minor electrical help after the storm.

Structural Stabilization

Storms can be destructive enough to knock down entire properties. If your home or business is destroyed by a storm, Our team conducts reconstruction services to restore your home. Whether the storm wrecked a wall or the entire property, we can return your home to its original state.

We also offer water and mold damage treatment services.