Affordable Paul Davis Mold & Mildew Removal in Brandenburg, KY

Paul Davis Restoration helps Brandenburg with mold inspection and testing and uses the latest tools. It’s tough enough to live in a property containing mold and it is costly to remove it, even in cases that don’t need a lot of maintenance. Mold is a stubborn substance that finds its way into tight spaces on your property, making restoration difficult. Paul Davis provides fast, reasonably priced mold elimination and restoration services for indoor and outdoor spaces, attics and basements. With Paul Davis, our contractors provide mold removal services to fix your property after emergency mold treatment. Our mold inspection team will remove and clean any possessions in your home that were ruined by black mold.

How We Help

The experts at Paul Davis know the best ways to restore most items in your house. Inside and out, our team will get your house back to normal again. These are just some of the mold restoration services we do for properties that have been exposed to mold.

  • Mold and Mildew Inspection
  • Install carpeting or walls
  • Reapply Caulk
  • Clean vents
  • Repair pipes
  • Clean fabrics

Because mold can find its way into every corner of your property, repairing the contaminated areas can take a lot of effort. Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Elizabethtown is the company that can install, repair or replace many types of flooring, carpeting and drywall that were removed during the mold remediation process. Our team can also recaulk sections in your bathroom such as tubs that were contaminated by mold. Vents and plumbing networks are also no match for the Paul Davis team. Furthermore, we are able to sanitize fabrics like upholstery to return them back to their normal state.

Call Paul

After a mold problem, your house might not feel the same. Contact the specialists of Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Elizabethtown today for maintenance and renovation help. If you find hazardous mold in your home, our specialists are available any time to eliminate mold, too. All our technicians have training and certification for state of the art methods. Call Paul today!