Water Damage Can Happen Anytime

Any home or business can undergo water damage, despite the climate or location. Sewer backups, basement flooding or heavy rainfall can all cause water damages to your home. Water damages can take take a severe toil on you and your family. At Paul Davis, we understand. To decrease your home’s water damage, call the professionals as soon as possible. Your local Paul Davis water damage expert will analyze and fix the problem. However, there are ways to avoid the expense of water damages. Knowing how to protect your home from water damages is a skill every homeowner should learn.

How Does Water Damage Happen?

Every house has appliances that are necessary to everyday life. Unfortunately, a broken appliance can cause unforeseen issues in your everyday schedule. Any appliance, whether it’s a shower, dishwasher, sink or bathtub, any of these appliances can flood and cause significant problems. Paul Davis’ experts can patch up any leaks and repair water damage that occurs in your home. Rely on us to fix water damage from the following:

  • Frozen or leaking water pipes or lines
  • Toilets, bathtubs or sinks that overflowed
  • Sewage and septic tank lines that backed up
  • Dishwashers or washing machines that overflowed

Water Damage Can Be Avoided

Many homeowners find water damage on their property when it’s too late. More often than not, it could have been prevented. There are ways to prevent this. To avoid water damage, do the following:

  • Frequently look over your appliances for leaks.
  • Avoid pouring grease down your kitchen sink. This can cause major damage and blockage to your pipes.
  • Make sure that your water pressure isn’t too high. If it is, it could cause unwanted stress on your pipes or hoses.
  • When emergencies strike, know how to turn off your water main. If a pipe bursts or leaks, you’ll be able to turn off your water main right away to prevent irreversible damage.
  • Be on the lookout for any unexpected spikes in your water bill. It could be a sign of a leak.
  • Clean your gutters regularly to prevent damage to your siding or foundation.

Paul Davis Can Tackle Any Water Damage

A seemingly innocent leaking faucet or washing machine can spiral into a bigger problem. You can take preemptive actions to stop water damages. Unfortunately, it could be too late. Has this happened to you? Call Paul Davis 888-473-7769. We’ve taken care of water damages in homes for years. Trust us to help you.